Sate ayam

Ein Sate Ayam (Hühnerfleischspießchen) ist eine feine Vorspeise, wobei mariniertes Hühnerbrustfleisch auf Bambusspießchen gesteckt wird und im Ofen oder über Holzkohle gebacken wird. Satay or sate, is a dish of seasoned, skewered and grilled meat, served with a sauce. Satay may consist of diced or sliced chicken, goat, mutton, beef, pork, fish, other meats, or tofu; the more authentic version uses skewers from the midrib of the coconut palm frond, although bamboo skewers are often used. These are grilled or barbecued over a wood or charcoal fire, then served with various spicy seasonings. Satay originated in Java, Indonesia. Satay is available almost anywhere in Indonesia, where it has become a national dish. It is also popular in many other Southeast Asian countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines, and Thailand, as well as in Suriname and the Netherlands, as Indonesia is a former Dutch colony.

Info aggiuntive

Livello di difficoltà:
2 - 3
Tempo di preparazione:
15 minuti
Tempo di cottura:
15 minuti


1 petto di pollo
peperoncini, a piacimento
30-50 grammi di zucchero di palma
1-2 tamarindi
2-3 cucchiai di arachidi tostate
1 spicchio d'aglio
1/2 cucchiaino di sale
1 cucchiaio di burro o olio da cucina

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