Acar bening

Acar is a type of pickling made in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. The South East Asian variations are usually made from different vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots and cabbage which are pickled in vinegar and chillies.

In Indonesia, acar is commonly made from small chunks of cucumber, carrot, shallot and occasionally pineapple, and marinated in a sweet and sour solution of sugar and vinegar. Some households add lemongrass or ginger to spice it up. Acar is commonly served as a condiment to be eaten with a main course.

Infos supplémentaires

Niveau de difficulté:
4 - 6
Temps de préparation:
10 minutes
Temps de cuisson:
0 minute


1 concombre
3-4 carottes
1 oignon rouge
piments, à sa guise
1 petit cuillère de sucre
1-2 petits cuillères de sel
3-5 cuillères à soupe de vinaigre distillé
200-250 millilitres de eau

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