Opor ayam

Opor ayam is a chicken cooked in coconut milk from Indonesia, especially from Central Java.

Additional info

Difficulty level:
4 - 6
Preparation time:
10 minutes
Cooking time:
50 minutes


700-1000 grams of chicken
1 onion or red onion (or purple onion)
3-5 garlic cloves
red chili peppers, at will
2 centimeters of ginger
2 centimeters of galangal
8 candlenuts (substitute: almonds)
1 tablespoon of coriander seed powder
1 teaspoon of cumin seed powder
1/2-1 teaspoon of pepper powder
5-8 grams of shrimp paste
500 milliliters of coconut milk
2 Indonesian bay leaves (daun salam) (substitute: bay leaves)
5 kaffir lime leaves
1-2 tablespoons of grated palm sugar
1/2 lemon or lime
3 eggs
1-2 teaspoons of salt
curry leaves, at will
2-3 tablespoons of cooking oil
fried onion (or fried shallot)

Prepare the ingredients.



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